Energy efficiency and renewable energy have become specialized consulting service areas at EN2/SEA since 2007. Through EN2/SEA's work on renewable energy, energy efficiency, electric vehicle, and electric grid integration projects throughout California, we have gained extensive knowledge of the challenges, policies, and opportunities related to energy conservation. EN2/SEA has evaluated, planned, and developed energy efficiency and renewable generation projects for numerous stakeholders in the Sierra Nevada including Tahoe Basin, Northern California, and the southern high desert region.We have assessed a range of facilities, including water purveyors, public utility districts, K-12 schools, a community college, ski resorts, and private businesses.

The EN2/SEA team is prepared to provide the following types of energy services:
  • Energy consumption calculations
  • GHG emissions inventory
  • Energy generation evaluations
    • Small hydroelectric
    • Small-scale pumped storage
    • Energy demand management/load shifting analyses
    • ​Solar
    • Combined heat and power microturbine systems with biofuels
  • Energy efficiency evaluation
  • Financial viability assessments
    • Rebates, incentives, tax credits, financing options
  • Sustainable transportation assessments
    • Electric fleet conversion analysis 
    • Electric charging station evaluations