​Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Under its on-call services agreement with SMUD, EN2/SEA completed planning and final design of the Union Valley Bike Trail (UVBT) Extension – Tells to Yellowjacket Project. The project is a new, approximately two-mile segment of Class I separated bike path from Tells Creek to the Yellowjacket Campground. EN2/SEA completed CEQA IS/MND, as well as botanical and aquatic biological evaluations, for construction of a Class 1 bike path bordering Union Valley Reservoir. A wetland delineation and report for submittal to the USACE was performed along the proposed route and construction access points. EN2/SEA also conducted a rare plant survey, habitat analysis, and a riparian impact analysis in partnership with USFS to assess effects on sensitive species, USFS watchlist species, and riparian health.

Major tasks included evaluating trail alignments and alternative locations for trail features including an option that crosses the reservoir with a bridge; preparing biological, cultural and hydrological evaluations and assessment reports; conducting forest inventory surveys; preparing topographical base maps; preparing preliminary, agency review, and final construction document and specification packages; and preparing construction permit applications.