El Dorado Irrigation District

EN2/SEA has provided support services to EID since 2000 on numerous projects including:
  • El Dorado Canal Bench Revegetation and Restoration Plan: Directed the preparation of a revegetation plan for five drainages as part of the Canal Bench Restoration Project that was required by the USACE, SWRCB, CDFG, and U.S. Forest Service for impacts to drainages during removal of the District’s flumes along the 2.3-mile Mill to Bull Tunnel reach of the El Dorado Canal.
  • El Dorado Hydroelectric Project (FERC Project No. 184) Mill to Bull Tunnel Wastewater Treatment Permitting: Assisted the District with WDRs and NPDES permitting, agency coordination, and construction compliance monitoring and reporting associated with wastewater treatment during construction of the Mill to Bull Tunnel for the District’s FERC Project 184 hydroelectric license amendment.
  • El Dorado Diversion Dam Reconstruction Project: Developed the approach for and then secured CWA (401 and 404), CDFG, FERC and other approvals and permits for the accelerated reconstruction of the El Dorado Diversion Dam. EN2/SEA served as Environmental Compliance Manager and Environmental Inspector during the approximately 6-month window for in-river work.
  • El Dorado Canal Mill to Bull Tunnel Repair Alternative: Under a critically short deadline, prepared an analysis of required permits, approvals, and related environmental regulatory requirements associated with a major engineering consulting firm’s evaluation of alternatives for fixing the defective Mill to Bull Tunnel.