​El Dorado Irrigation District 

EN2/SEA prepared the Power Mitigation Opportunities Report for El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) in support of keeping pace with renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, as well as regulatory and policy changes, to provide customers with high-quality water and cost-effective service. This was the first comprehensive review and roadmap of pathways to reduce current and future energy costs, and therefore costs (rates) of water service, on behalf of EID’s customers. The report presented the most up-to-date energy costs, forecasts, and trends while focusing on EID specific operation electricity loads, generation potential, and savings opportunities.
The electric utility sector and broader energy industry and markets have been exceptionally dynamic over the past 15 years as a result of the passage of Assembly Bill 32 and associated regulations and policies (e.g., California Air Resources Board First Update to the Climate Change Scoping Plan [CARB 2014]).  The current economic, water supply, air quality management, and energy market settings present all water purveyors with tremendous, short-term opportunities to develop long-term energy revenue and water supply benefits for their customers.