EN2 Resources, Inc.
EN2 Resources, Inc. (EN2) is an “S” Corporation that specializes in water and energy resources and infrastructure. EN2 serves publicly and privately owned utilities, irrigation districts, municipalities, and regulatory and resources agencies on a broad range of planning, feasibility, development, permitting, licensing, operations, monitoring, and compliance services throughout the western U. S.

EN2 is headquartered in Placerville, California and is a State- and Federal-certified small business. Our employees have expertise in state and federal environmental regulatory processes, including air and water quality permitting and compliance; biological, land and recreation resources evaluations; as well as  permitting for water conveyance and treatment systems and for fossil fuel and renewable energy generation and transmission facilities.

EN2 often teams with other small independent and large consulting firms that bring geographic, infrastructure, and interdisciplinary capabilities that complement the expertise of EN2’s employees and associates. Our team relationships also expand the depth of our staff resources for larger projects while allowing EN2 principal and senior staff to remain engaged in strategic and critical client tasks.