El Dorado County Water Agency 

EN2 led a comprehensive 2-year study of over 100 projects to identify, evaluate, and recommend the most feasible hydroelectric development options within the County. This study was completed in 2009 with the assistance of a team of consultants and a Hydro Advisory Panel (HAP). The study recommended immediate implementation of six economically viable options at existing water facilities, development of a hydrokinetic demonstration project, and detailed feasibility studies of seven other hydro options that could contribute to a policy goal of energy independence for the County water purveyors. A key feature of the study was EN2’s new concept for a medium-sized (50,000 ac-ft to 100,000 ac-ft) pumped-storage Alder Reservoir that would manage energy loads and peaking generation under new energy regulations to maximize energy revenues to support project financing. This Alder configuration would also convert El Dorado Irrigation District's (EID) El Dorado Hydroelectric Project from a non-firm, run-of-river project to a year-round and firm energy peaking project. This would more than double the revenue of EID’s generation.