EN2/SEA provides GIS services for clients that are large government agencies to small private businesses and land owners. We have sub-meter accuracy GPS units and the current GIS software to meet the requirements for a wide ranging array of projects.

The EN2/SEA team is prepared to provide the following types of GIS services: 
  • GPS data collection
  • Spatial analysis using vector or imagery data
  • Database management
  • Map creation for reports, presentations, and field work 
  • Geospatial data visualizations & cartography

Data Collection and Maintenance
EN2/SEA uses current sub-meter GPS data collectors and field software to collect spatial data for:
  • Habitat evaluation and assessment
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Land use planning
  • Sensitive species evaluation and surveys
  • Hydrologic and terrain modeling
  • Personnel training in GPS equipment and field software

Database Design and Management
EN2/SEA can create and update databases using spatial data in any format that suits the needs of the client.

Spatial and Image Analysis
EN2/SEA uses ArcGIS Spatial Analyst for spatial modeling and analysis that can assist with finding spatial patterns, image classification, terrain modeling, and hydrologic analysis.

Map Production and Presentation
EN2/SEA creates digital and physical maps that accurately and visually represent data for:
  • Planning purposes
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Use in the field