El Dorado Irrigation District

EN2/SEA prepared a Biological Evaluation, conducted reconnaissance level biological surveys, and completed a NEPA Crosscutting Checklist for EID’s Boat Launching Facility at Caples Lake. EN2/SEA performed research and data review to identify terrestrial special-status plant and wildlife species including threatened, endangered, candidate species and species of concern, sensitive vegetative communities, and other potentially sensitive biological resources in the project area. This document followed the format that the USFS uses for its Biological Evaluations (BE), and provides specific information regarding reconnaissance level biological surveys conducted at the site. EN2/SEA’s consultations and permitting included USFS (Special Use Permit), SWRCB (401 Certification), Caltrans (Encroachment Permit), CDFG (Section 1600 Lakebed Alteration Agreement), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Section 404 Permit), USFWS (ESA Consultation), and CDFG (California Section 2080/2081 Consistency Determination).